Canon PIXMA iP100 Mobile Photo Printer Review

by Mark Burnsworth

The Canon PIXMA iP100 Mobile Photo Printer is a portable Inkjet printer that prints relatively fast – black and white at 20ppm and color documents at 14ppm. The print out for PIXMA iP100 is sharp, clean and totally legible. This is due to its advanced 1,856 nozzle head which is capable of printing with the precision of 9600 x 2400 dpi.

I found the PIXMA iP100 to be a portable solution for an Inkjet printer. While it surely isn’t as compact as a Dye-sub photo printer, I find PIXMA iP100 small enough to be carried in a case along with its battery pack and a laptop. To be fair, it was made to print letter sized papers not photos, after all. The folded tray design makes it sleeker but has the tendency to drop printed papers on the floor.

PIXMA iP100 is a quiet Inkjet printer with IrDA and PictBridge support for general connecivity to devices. PIXMA iP100 requires an external Bluetooth set up if you do not have IrDA support on your computer. However, once you have the Bluetooth adaptor setup, printing from your computer gets much easier, home or away. You can also mount the Bluetooth adaptor on the internal side port which giving it a permanent space on your desk or laptop.

Despite not having Bluetooth functions and not coming with an USB cord, PIXMA iP100 does have its virtues. PIXMA iP100 runs on a duo ink tank system rather than a 6 ink tank system. The cost of two ink tanks is relatively cheaper compared to having to buy all 6 tanks at once. However, this may not be the case if you rarely print color images. But a duo tank system does make repurchasing ink cartidges much simplier. PIXMA iP100 prints texts clearly and boldy without banding. The print job is done a top rate speed as well.

PIXMA iP100 looks good and prints well on Windows 7 and above. It also comes with an elementary printing software which doesn’t do much fancy photo editing but will suffice for the casual amateur. PIXMA iP100 also has a new and improved built in ink seal that prevents the inks from drying out so you get fresh looking prints all the time. All in all, the PIXMA iP100 makes a good home or small office side-kick which will willingly tag along with you wherever you go, if you let it.

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