Canon Pixma mini320 Compact Photo Inkjet Printer Review

by Mark Burnsworth

I recently decided to purchase the Canon Pixma mini320 Compact Photo Inkjet Printer to keep in my vehicle while I’m out in the field. As you can imagine, I need to take quite a few photos outside for work purposes. Below I’ll go over the details for this printer and also relate my experiences with it so far after a few months of daily use.

Overview of the Canon Pixma mini320

The Canon Pixma mini320 is an ultra portable Inkjet photo printer, complete with carrying handle. It’s capable of producing borderless photo prints up to 5” x 7” with a maximum color DPI of 9600 x 2400 in under a minute, thanks to Quick Start technology, which eliminates the need for warm-ups. This model features a 2.5” high-def TFT display, which allows you to previews images prior to printing. It prints photos directly from camera phones, digital cameras, memory card or via high speed USB cable from your computer. You can also print over Bluetooth with the optional USB Bluetooth adapter.

My Experience with the Canon Pixma mini320

As mentioned earlier, I’ve been using this compact printer for a few months now out in the field. I’ve had situations in the past where photos of property or vehicle damage were lost due to bad memory cards and hard drive failures, so having the ability to print hard copy backups on scene is great. This compact printer rides with me in my “mobile office” wherever I go, and runs on the optional rechargeable battery so it’s very convenient.

The quality of the prints is surprisingly good for a portable printer. Colors and details are bright and vivid and you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between a print from the Canon Pixma mini320 and one from a photo lab. You can print in various sizes including 4” x 6”, 5” x 7” or 4” x 8” — I typically use the 5” x 7” the most. The cost of the ink and paper is relatively inexpensive, especially if you go with another brand besides Canon, however that being said I’ve gotten the best results with the Canon Glossy Plus II paper. You’ll want to buy in large packs of 120 to get the best price.


  • Low price — very low cost for a photo printer, especially considering the quality
  • Portable — very portable, especially with the optional battery
  • Multiple Sizes — prints a wider variety of sizes than competing models
  • Multiple Sources — prints from digital cameras, phones, memory cards, Bluetooth (optional) or USB


  • Memory card — picture quality isn’t quite as high when printing directly from memory cards; print via US from your computer for optimal results
  • No USB cable — doesn’t come with the micro USB cable (I already had one so wasn’t a big deal to me)

The Bottom Line

All in all this is a really nice ultra portable photo printer and I’m very happy with my purchase. I never would have believed that I could print high quality photos from my vehicle while out in the field unless I had seen it with my own eyes, even my wife was blown away by the quality. I would feel comfortable recommending this to anyone that needs the convenience of a mobile photo lab, or someone that simply doesn’t want to shell out a few hundred bucks for a larger photo printer but still wants the ability to produce high quality prints.

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