Epson Picturemate Charm Personal Photo Lab Inkjet Printer Review

by Mark Burnsworth

The Epson Picturemate Charm Personal Photo Lab Inkjet Printer is a charming photo printer. Tiny and totally portable, Picturemate Charm brings out the fun factor when it comes to printing photos from your personal print lab on the go. I think its great for 4 by 6 prints as images have excellent resolution and color depth. At 27 cents per copy, the price range for Picturemate Charm is quite reasonable. As with all Dye-sub photographs, the photos come out dry and are totally long lasting and waterproof as well.

One flaw that I can’t really get past is the size of the screen on Picturemate Charm. Because of its innate cuteness in design, the screen suffers from a lack of width. A bigger screen would mean a higher price tag though, so I am forced to love its little flaw. The convenience factor of popping your memory card into the printer and printing directly from it would not carry through its function with the tiny screen. Thus your editing will have to be done on your computer instead.

The set up for Picturemate Charm rather straight forward and the color cartridges comes in separate 6 tank pack, great for spreading out your ink expenditure. Another thing about Epson Picturemate Charm is its inability to produce 5×7 prints due to its compact size. If you are sticking to 4 x 6 prints, Epson Picturemate is a great printer to get.

The colors for Epson Picturemate Charm are rich, perhaps a little too rich for some. I love dramatic and bold contrasts so this suits me fine. If you’re the type that likes to tweak around the brightness and contrast levels of pictures and do more demanding editing jobs, but still want the portability of Epson Picturemate Charm sized printer,get this printer and use a PC to edit to your heart’s desire. Squinting at the pathetic screen is just too painful to bare with. This printer is a fantastic gift idea for girls and women because of its adorable design. Wrap it for gifts to your girlfriends or nieces. They will love you for it!

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