Polaroid CZA-10011B Instant Mobile Printer Review – A Fun Ultra-Portable Travel Printer

by Mark Burnsworth

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I travel extensively overseas and love to keep a travel journal, so recently I decided to pick up the Polaroid CZA-10011B PoGo Instant Mobile Printer. I usually have a pretty tight schedule, between trying to fit in business and sight-seeing during my short trips, so having the ability to print my own shots back at the hotel is much more convenient then finding a place to have film developed. Below I’ll discuss the features in detail as well as my experiences with this device so far.

Overview of the Polaroid CZA-10011B PoGo

The Polaroid CZA-10011B is an ultra-portable photo printer (it measures 4.7” x 2.8” x 0.9” and only weighs 8 ounces). It’s surprisingly quick and produces 2” x 3” borderless color prints in about one minute using Polaroid’s ZINK Zero Ink Printing Technology. There are no ink cartridges here, instead there are cyan, yellow and magenta dye crystals embedded within the ZINK paper (they come in packs of 10), which are then activated with 200 million pulses of heat to produce your photos. The printer accepts images directly from your PictBridge-enabled digital camera via USB cable or via Bluetooth enabled devices (desktop, laptop or cell phone).

My Experience with the Polaroid CZA-10011B PoGo

The Polaroid CZA-10011B has been a great addition to my travel kit and I’m really happy that I took a chance on it. I was a little wary at first because the device is so small though. Actually, everyone that I’ve shown it to expresses the same doubts I had, that it couldn’t possibly work but it does, and it works exceptionally well given how portable it is. Just to be clear, this does not produce the same quality prints as a large, stand alone photo printer that costs a few hundred dollars, however it does produce surprisingly beautiful color shots. And it’s perfect for my uses.

As I mentioned earlier, I keep a travel journal so that my wife and daughter can experience all of the places I’ve been. After a day of sight-seeing, I can print out the most memorable shots back at the hotel and stick them in my journal using the adhesive backing on the prints. The ZINK paper comes in 10 packs which are very convenient; I just load up on a few packs before each trip. Each pack also has a cleaning sheet that you can run through the printer before using it, which ensures nice clean, rich, streak free prints.


  • Self adhesive — Each print has built in self adhesive on the back, which is perfect for sticking them in journals and notebooks.
  • Small size — The printer is about the size of a post card, so it’s extremely portable and great for traveling.
  • Fast printing — Prints only take about 30 to 60 seconds, depending on composition.
  • No ink cartridges — The ink is built into the paper, so you don’t have to muck about with cartridges or worry about running out of ink.


  • Battery life — I usually have to recharge after 10 prints or so, but considering the convenience factor of having an ultra portable printer, this is only a minor annoyance.
  • Large charger — The charger is as big as the printer itself. It’s not a deal breaker for me, but it would be nice if it was smaller.

The Bottom Line

Overall I am very happy with my purchase. I’ve been on half a dozen trips since I bought the Polaroid CZA-10011B PoGo and it’s performed flawlessly. Best of all, my travel journal has never looked better and my wife and daughter just love to check out my PoGo shots every time I come home. I would have no problem recommending this product to anyone that needs the convenience of an ultra portable, low cost color photo printer.

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