Best Portable Photo Printers – My Top Recommendations

best portable photo printers

These days hardly anyone goes to the photo lab to print out their photos. Most people prefer the convenience that a personal photo printer provides. Not only do portable photo printers allow on the spot editing, it also provides on site printing as well. Photo printers are also becoming more portable, with some models being battery operated.

Most of the portable photo printers are pre-installed with the PictBridge printer software, facilitating the bridging of cameras with printers. All digital cameras and photo printers come with PictBridge. This simplifies the printing process by excluding the need for a computer as a communication device to bridge data to printer.

Photo printer prints are expected to last from anything from 30 to a 100 years. Even though the basis for the hundred year claim requires concrete verification, the quality of photo printers these days are exceptionally high. The current printing technology is capable of producing spotless and vibrant prints right in your own home. The best way to ensure the longevity of your prints is to limit its exposure to sunlight.

Here are my list of the top 3 portable photo printers. If you want to buy a portable photo printer, you can’t go wrong by choosing any of the printers below:

top large format photo printers

Sony DPP-F700 Photo PrinterSony DPP-F700 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame. This is a fantastic photo printer for several reasons. First of all, its not just a portable photo printer. It’s also a digital photo frame. Yup, it’s two gadgets in one! This stylish photo printer has a 7″ widescreen display with LCD touch screen features as well as a remote that allows you to change your pictures from a distance. There’s even 1 GB of internal storage so you can store up to 2000 pictures. As a photo printer, it performs fairly well when producing 4″ x 6″ prints. Like many other portable printers, features like calendars, custom photo layouts and more are included in the printer. Personally, I love this because its both a digital photo frame and printer. When I’m not using the photo printer, it sits on my desk showing my favorite photos. When I need a printer on the road, I’ll just grab it with one hand and pack it in my bag. Ultra convenient.

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top large format photo printers

Canon Selphy ES30 Compact Photo PrinterCanon Selphy ES30 Compact Photo Printer. This is an adorable photo printer that looks like a kid’s toy. But I assure you, its an excellent photo printer that’s incredibly easy to use…even for people who are not tech-savvy. I have bought this printer for many friends and even my mom, who’s an avid scrapbooker. It has a cute carrying handle, a 3.0″ LCD screen and allows you to preview, edit and optimize photos on-the-fly. It prints out 4″ x 6″ size photos in a minute. It can also make the photo waterproof and and UV resistant. It’s rather inexpensive considering the amount of features it has. The cuddly egg-like design makes this a perfect gift for a loved one. Women especially love this printer! Highly recommended.

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top large format photo printers

Epson Picturemate CharmEpson Picturemate Charm Personal Photo Lab Inkjet Printer. I’ve been using the Epson Picturemate Charm for some time and recently gave it away to my sister Anna after I bought the Sony DPP-F700. It’s a great little printer that prints out 4 by 6 prints at at the very low cost of 26 cents per copy (because of Epson’s bundled ink and paper packs). It’s also really fast as well. 37 seconds for a 4″ x 6″ photos that are smudge,scratch and water/fade resistant. Like the Canon Selphy ES30, this printer comes with a carrying handle so its like a cute little sand bucket. The main benefits of this printer is the low cost, photo quality and rugged photos that and truly smudge/water proof. Recommended if you like high quality photos that last long.

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