Sony DPP-F700 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame/Printer Review

by Mark Burnsworth

A few months ago I decided to look into digital photo frames so that I could display new photos of my family at work without constantly swapping them in and out of traditional photo frames. Initially I was going to get a stand-alone model, but then I ran across the Sony DPP-F700 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame/Printer and I knew I had to have it. Below I’ll go over the details for the Sony DPP-F700 and also share my thoughts after having it grace my work desk for the past few months.

Overview of the Sony DPP-F700

The Sony DPP-F700 has a gorgeous 7” widescreen display with an aspect ratio of 16:10 and a resolution of 800 x 480. The LCD features touch screen technology, with intuitive onscreen controls as well as a handy remote that allows you to navigate your photos from a distance. It also has an auto orientation sensor that adjusts the onscreen display depending on whether it’s placed vertically or horizontally and the ability to overlay a clock or calendar over your photos. In addition, the Sony DPP-F700 is capable of storing approximately 2000 two megapixel images thanks to 1 GB of internal storage.

It’s also capable of printing lab quality 4” x 6” prints on demand in as little as 45 seconds thanks to the compact, integrated photo printer. You can even print photo calendars, layouts and photo id’s quickly and easily using the built in software.

My Experience with the Sony DPP-F700

As mentioned earlier, I’ve had this digital frame/printer on my desk at work now for several months and I’m still getting comments about how great it looks. It’s sleek, modern and simply looks beautiful sitting on the corner of my desk. I have it set to automatically rotate pictures of my wife and kids throughout the day and whenever my wife takes new pictures, she can simply email them to me and I upload them directly to the photo frame. The whole process is quick and painless and the photos look absolutely gorgeous on the 7” LCD screen.

The built in photo printer is also phenomenal, and I love the convenience of being able to quickly print new photos so that I can take them with me when I’m away from the office on business. I keep the paper and ink supplies in my desk drawer and setting it up to print is a snap. And to top it all off, the prints look like they came straight out of a lab, rather than a tiny portable photo printer, amazing!


  • LCD — the 7” LCD display is stunning and makes photos look amazing
  • Internal storage — very convenient feature and there’s plenty of room
  • Quality — the quality of the 4” x 6” is on par with 1 hr photo labs
  • Ink usage — it doesn’t guzzle ink, which makes it very inexpensive to operate


  • No USB cable — I had an extra one so this wasn’t a major issue but not everyone has one laying around
  • Slight delay — there’s a small delay when using the remote to control the photo frame, but that’s just a minor gripe

The Bottom Line

Overall I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase. I’m very happy that I went with the Sony DPP-F700 rather than a stand-alone digital photo frame. Not only does this one look better than many of those, but the integrated photo printer puts it head and shoulders above all the competition. I can honestly say that I would recommend this to anyone who’s in the market for a digital photo frame, and who can use the added convenience of an ultra compact lab quality photo printer to boot.

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